Five Home Office Essentials for Telecommuting

Just because you telecommute from home does not mean you can slack off and do a poor job. This is true no matter if you own your company or are telecommuting as a full-time employee. You must get your job done to the best of your ability, day in and day out.

To ensure success, efficiency, and effectiveness, you must have the proper home office setup. Here are five essentials that you cannot afford to overlook.

Dedicated Home Office Space

Let’s start with this one because it is oftentimes one of the biggest mistakes that new telecommuting professionals make. In short, and if at all possible, you need to carve out a dedicated space for your work. The last thing you want to do is find yourself setting up shop in a different place every day.

If you have a spare room – such as a den or bedroom – this makes the most sense for your office. However, not everybody has this luxury. You may need to get creative.

Don’t overlook putting your home office in the basement (even if it is unfinished), a closet, or in the corner of a room currently serving another need.

The Ability to Shut yourself Out (If Possible)

This goes along with having a dedicated home office space. If possible, you want your office to have a door that can shut you out from the rest of the home. This is particularly important if others are going to be at home during your workday.

Is this always possible? Of course not. If you have your desk in the corner of your bedroom, for example, you won’t have a separate door. This means that anybody could potentially open your bedroom door and also be in your office. That being said, if you set boundaries with your family you may be able to avoid these types of issues.

No Clutter, Highly Organized

When I first started telecommuting from home this was a major issue for me. With each passing day, my desk became more cluttered – and that was just the start. Boxes began to pile up, files were laying on the floor, and there were so many sticky notes on the wall that it was beginning to look like wallpaper.

Once I reduced the clutter and organized my space, I found it much easier to increase production and better enjoy my day-to-day tasks.

Comfortable Work Station

If you are not comfortable while you work you will be looking for every possible excuse to get up and waste time. In turn, your productivity will begin to suffer.

Make sure you have a sturdy desk as well as an ergonomically correct chair. Additionally, you should be able to adjust your chair to allow you to properly work at your desk and computer.

I went through a couple of chairs until I finally found one that was right for my body type. Now, I can sit at my desk for hours on end without any discomfort. As a writer, this is very important to me.

Everything within Reach

To increase efficiency, make sure you have all the important items within reach. For me, this includes client files, basic office supplies, and my computer and printer. When you can quickly get to the items you need, it will save you time and ensure that you don’t get off task.