Why work from home?

We live in a day and age where jobs in the typical brick and mortar are becoming less frequent. While it is true that some business models such as retailers will always have a physical appearance. However, when assessing specialized business models such as IT, Medical, Real estate, and others, it is more apparent that they are choosing to move towards the telecommuting model. Some would agree that this is a smart move, while others will argue that this cuts down on productivity. However, let’s consider three reasons why working from home is becoming more of a viable option for both employers, and employees.
#1 – Commute Cost
#2 – Lower Overhead Cost
#3 – Better Productivity
#1 – Commute Cost
It’s not news to anyone nowadays that gas prices are soaring through the roof. I remember back in the late 90’s how low gas was for 87, in fact, 2.00/gal wasn’t even heard of! However, now we have prices starting at 2.79/gal in some areas, and it goes up from there. Not to mention the wear and tear on our vehicles. Working from home allows savings on our cost not only for fuel, but time, and servicing our vehicles. I personally can attest to this. I’ve been working from home or telecommuting since 2010. And when I imagine how much gas I would need to put in my SUV in a weeks time, the savings truly add up. In a way, you’re getting a pay raise by just walking from your bedroom to your home office.
#2 – Lower Overhead Cost
Don’t think that working remotely is a good thing for employees only. This can yield huge savings for the employer as well. In fact, one company, IBM in fact, has reported to reduce their office space by over 70 million square feet, and have even been able to sell a lot of this space to boost their revenue. Allowing employees to work from home gives employers freedom to only have as much space as they need, giving them the ability to invest their funds in better ways to benefit the business overall. Also, this cuts down on occupational accidents that otherwise would cost the company money.
#3 Better Productivity
We all know that in the workforce, if we have no productivity, eventually we’ll have no work. This has been an area of concern for quite some time. What motivates people? What can make them most productive? Well it turns out that for most, productivity comes when working in familiar spaces or places of comfort. This can be at a home office, or a shared open space. The point is, we all thrive in comfort, for some this might be an office space, but for others, telecommuting is where the comfort is at. The more comfortable we feel, the better we can strive to be the best we can be and perform our job to the best of our ability. This also fosters a culture of self improvement education wise in order to grow our job knowledge.
Final Thoughts:
While many would argue that both sides exists to each point touched on, in the end we all will fit in on either agreement or disagreement on each area. But we aim to bring out the positive benefits that can be had from telecommuting or working from home. This is especially the case when we find that perfect work from home job. If you are in search of a new job and want to try your hand at working from home, or perhaps you do already, and want to stash a source of legitimate work from home jobs hiring now, keep in mind our job board, as well as our sister site that have partial telecommute jobs in various job professions. You can reach that site by clicking here!
And as always, we list new jobs on a rolling week day basis. Working from home can be a challenge to wrap your head around if you’ve never done it before, and always have been in the brick and mortar work force. However, in today’s world where everything is moving towards phones and computers, you might find that the transition isn’t so bad after all.
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