What jobs can be done from home?

When thinking of jobs that can be done from home, generally what come to your mind? In the last ten years when remote jobs began gaining traction, most of them were call center jobs involving customer service or telemarketing. Admittedly, those are jobs that don’t appeal to some, especially if talking to people isn’t our forte. But it is important to widen our horizon when considering job opportunities available.

So the question come up, what is available in the remote sector? First thing to keep in mind is that working remotely is just an environment change. This is important to remember to not mentally limit yourself seeking remote or work from home jobs. Technology has improved by leaps and bounds, and with that being the case so many job professions can be worked from home. I want to list five job professions you might not expect to work from home, and links to real jobs you can apply for in these professions.

This is a job profession that most wouldn’t imagine would offer work at home jobs. However, you will be surprised that many corporations do offer jobs in this profession. You might wonder, what jobs could be worked from home or remotely in this profession. Take a look at this link here in order to look at jobs for free in this category. You can also view it by clicking on the job profession name next to the number.

This profession definitely wouldn’t be one that any would think could be done from home. Just think about it, Food and Beverages, or drinks, unless you do in home catering what other jobs would any imagine performing from home in this category? Well again, click on the link here and above to look at the jobs available from home. Some are writing jobs, and others are jobs working for call centers for food industries.

Now as cliché as this appear, these are jobs that many still find hard to believe off work from home job positions. This is because of the nature of these jobs professions. We’ve all been to hospitals or doctor offices, and seen the individuals who bill insurance companies for services provided while being there. Well these are jobs remotely that would usually be accomplished in the office. And while many are aware of the existence of these jobs, the awareness isn’t as wide spread as it should be. So I encourage  you to look at the jobs list here and here.

This is another medical job profession that can be performed remotely depending on the job description. Some jobs are for teaching positions, whereas others are looking for nurse case managers for facilities that allow remote work. However, in each case the base requirements and credentials needed are the same. Take a look at the remote jobs listed here.

Social Worker jobs describe various positions usually with agencies that seek the welfare of people or animals. With this being the case, you’re surely to find jobs in this profession from various companies seeking candidates with background as a Social Worker. Jobs for this profession can be found here.

These are job just some of the many job professions that can be worked from the comfort of your home remotely. If you would like to view the other jobs listed, choose Jobs at the top of any page you land on while visiting our job board.