Unexpected Telecommute Job Professions

Today I’m going to spend some time showing you job professions that offer jobs from home that perhaps most wouldn’t expect. Even today there is a stigma when it comes to wor jobs, such as jobs in telemarketing, or call centers. And while it is true that these are some of the jobs predominantly offered as work from home, you’ll also be quite surprised what job professions are offered as work from home. So today we’ll focus on a few professions, and I’ll also give you job links to view jobs in these professions (because it would be unfair for me to tell you of these professions with no job leads, come on!).
Alright so let’s start!

1. ) Fashion and Beauty
Believe it or not, companies do offer work from home jobs in this profession. Some of you may think “well, of course, I could be a stylist out of my home”, but no, these are true work from home internet jobs. As crazy as this sounds, take a look at some of the jobs offered in this category. Style and Beauty Writer, Product Marketing Consultant, Stylist, as well as others. And while you would need to adjust your mindset to understand how these jobs could be done from home, just know that the same experience you’d need to perform these jobs in a brick and motor building, you’d need for working from home as well. Click on the title link to find work from home jobs in this profession.

2.) Writing
Whether you are an aspiring writer or seasoned, you will surely find jobs in this profession that you can apply to. What you will notice are jobs across various platforms, and topics from family life, to professional subjects. In any case, you would want to make sure that before you apply to one of these telecommute jobs, you are experienced not only as a writer, but also in the subject matter that you will be writing about, or at least have good research skills. Another aspect you’ll want to consider is having a position on the subject if required, balanced with the ability to be unbiased if the project calls for it. Find plenty of work from home jobs in this category by following the title link.

3.) Animal and Wildlife
Take a moment and think of jobs that could exist in this profession. Can you think of any? Perhaps you can’t think of any, or maybe you could. In either case let me list a few jobs that completely work from home: Veterinarian Pathologist, Trust and Safety Specialist, and a few others. Granted, there aren’t many jobs in this field that are work from home, but the fact that this field exists from home should be enough to cause any who were skeptical of working from home to at least find out what is out there job-wise. Again, the title link will take you to the jobs in this profession.

My personal thoughts
Most will tell you that there isn’t a lot of jobs out there, and in a way this is true. However, this is partially because of the fact that legitimate telecommute jobs aren’t listed on a lot of job boards in an easy to search of view fashion. What you’ll find more than anything, is that some job boards will either have work from home jobs in a certain niche’, or have you sign up for a paid subscription. Our job boards have over 7,000 jobs combined that are completely free, and work from home, with new jobs added everyday, and old jobs removed. Look below for more job professions that are from home.

Translation – This is mainly foreign language interpretation.
Teaching – Jobs in education are abundant in the work from home scene
Project Management – As the title says, however in different job sectors
Pharmaceutical – Many Pharmacy tech jobs are available from home, and similar jobs of the like
Data Entry – This is one of my personal favorites to showcase since in most cases, only a high school diploma is needed. Check these jobs out, new ones are always being added.

Final thoughts:
Jobs are out there and available that are telecommuting. However, it does take diligence to find one that is suitable for you. Even though these legitimate telecommuting jobs exist, you must honestly match your abilities with the qualifications needed from each company. If you’re looking for a list of telecommute companies that are hiring now, check out our new blog post here!

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