Top Work From Home Industries (Updated as of June 2018)

It is true that many think of call center jobs, and even telemarketing when working from home or telecommuting come to mind. And that is fair since that is how work from home jobs started out. However, telecommute jobs have come a long way from then. In fact, within the last four years, I’ve personally seen a push in this direction for working from home. Internet speeds, and technology in general is making this feat easier by the day. Let’s look into few industries that have done so. I’ll post where you can find jobs.
#1 IT (Of course!)
#2 Medical Field
#3 Education
#1 IT or Information Technology
So our first area, is the IT field. This is a huge given, given the fact that most of us get sent to places in other countries when calling tech support for services we pay for. While this is the case, what you might not realize is that more companies are offering specialized telecommuting jobs in the IT field. These can range from Help Desk Technicians, to Programming, and even Web Developers. With the internet of things constantly evolving, this paves the way for easier opportunities to provide telecommute jobs to individuals in this field. As our world become more and more computerized and connected, you can be sure to find more jobs that are available for telecommuting. Be sure to check back often, as we continually update our job offerings in this category.
#2 Medical Field
While it is true that you can’t perform heart surgery from the comfort of your home (not a distant possibility of course!), there are Medical functions that can be performed from home remotely. These functions include Medical Coding, Medical Billing, and even Medical Transcription. Through a steady internet connection, you can easily work from home in the medical field. Of course, these positions will need training, and in some cases a degree or certification. Ten years ago, while this was still emerging, most wouldn’t even think of doing such things from home. Now the field is overflowing with jobs working from home or telecommuting.
#3 Education
How many of us have seen those commercials offering you to get your degree from home within two to four years? Well, there’s a flip side to those schools. In order to earn your degree remotely or from home, you also need Educators to work remotely as well. This is my personal favorite area of telecommuting jobs. This isn’t because I’m an educator, but mainly because of how amazed I am of the telecommute jobs available in this field. You would be mind blown if you knew, and even saw the amount of jobs offered weekly to telecommute or work from home as an educator. And these jobs range mainly K-12 but also in the college arena as well.
Working from home nowadays is no more a luxury, but a choice. As promised, I will give you links for you to view jobs in each of these fields. Please note that these are real legitimate work from home jobs. We take care to only list jobs that are the real deal from reputable companies. Below are more work from home job categories.
Jobs in IT Field:
Computer IT, System Administration, Web Design
Jobs in the Medical Field:
Medical Coder, Transcription, Medical Billing
Jobs in the Education Field:
Education and Training, Education Consultant
As work from home become more and comfortable for employers, you will that an influx of jobs will start appearing. And great thing about it is that they are no longer limited to call center only jobs. Did you know can be a Vice President remotely? Well it is possible! If you are looking for companies hiring right now remotely, please check out our new blog post here. If you enjoyed this article, please feel free to share on any social media outlet.
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