The advantages of Partial or Part-time telecommuting

The debate surrounding the pros and cons of part-time telecommuting is one that is heating up. Are you interested in this type of employment setup? Or are you “all in” with the idea of working full-time from home?

Even if you are against part-time telecommuting, you need to realize that there are many advantages. Once you better understand the benefits, you may begin to consider this option.

1. Good for both parties. There is a good chance that your employer does not want you working from home every day of the week. Fortunately, with part-time telecommuting, this is not something you have to concern yourself with. Instead, it is the best of both worlds as it is mutually beneficial to both you and your employer.

2. It allows you to communicate with others in person. There are times when working from home will become extremely lonely. This can begin to negatively impact your life in many ways. When you only work from home part-time, you always have the other days for visiting the office and working alongside your counterparts. You may be surprised at how good this feels.

3. Your company’s headquarters may have supplies and technology that you need to access. No matter how much time and effort you put into designing a top-notch home office, you probably won’t have everything that the main office does. On the days when you are working at the main office, you can use any equipment and supplies that you don’t have at home. This could be anything from a paper shredder to a fax machine among others.

4. It gives you a place to hold meetings. Let’s face it: your employer will not want you meeting with clients in your home. If this is the nature of your business, you need to set up appointments at the client’s office or at your company’s main office. With part-time telecommuting, it is easy to set up appointments for the days that you will not be working from home.

5. Become part of the team again. Despite all the benefits of working from home, there will be times when you feel like you are not 100 percent part of the team. When you show your face from time to time, not only will you feel better about your standing with the company but you will be fresh in your coworker’s minds.

Don’t shoot down the idea of part-time telecommuting just because you won’t get to work from home every day of the week. The five advantages above should be enough for you to at least consider this setup.

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