Telecommute employment opportunities

If you plan on working full-time for a single employer on a telecommute basis, there is nothing wrong with focusing all your time and energy on your current position. In fact, this is a must if you plan on achieving success and making your employer happy.

On the other hand, if you are working from home as an independent contractor, you should never limit yourself to one opportunity. If you do, you are going to face one or more of the following issues at some point:

  • Putting all your “income eggs” into one basket
  • Never finding your true passion
  • Holding yourself back from earning as much money as possible

My career as a work at home freelance writer got off to a slow start. In my first month on the job, I earned just around $50. All of this money came from one client. Fortunately, as I continued to market my services I began to realize that juggling multiple clients at the same time should simple enough. After all, I was doing this full-time.

By my third month, I had 5+ clients and my income had topped $2,000. Nowadays, it is not uncommon for me to juggle 10-15 clients at the same time.

The more clients I have the more money I earn. It goes without saying that this is a benefit. Of course, this brings about a few potential issues. For example, I must make sure I complete all the work assigned to me on time. If I miss deadlines my clients will find somebody else – this is how the business works. Early on, it was difficult staying organized and on schedule. But just like anything else, I caught on with practice and now have no trouble in this area.

Multiple clients, Multiple tasks

Above, I touched a bit on handling more than one client at the same time. However, there is another way of looking at things: you can complete more than one type of job on a regular basis.

After a couple of years working strictly as a freelance writer, I began to get heavily involved with affiliate marketing and other methods of making money online. Soon enough, I was experimenting with related endeavors and eventually realized that I could earn some extra money doing so.

As long as you have enough time in your day, there is no reason not to try your hand at setting up multiple income streams. I know many freelance writers who make just as much money with their own blogs and websites as they do complete contract work for others.

Sometimes, you are the biggest obstacle standing between yourself and success. If you are going to telecommute full-time, it is essential that you fill up your schedule with enough work to stay busy. This may not always be easy, but when you focus on multiple clients and multiple tasks you better your chance of taking on a high volume of work. In turn, the money will soon follow.

As always, we want to list our two job boards below to get you started on your telecommute journey. Some of the jobs are contract jobs, in other words, you pay your own taxes, and others are full-on W-2 work.

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